About Us

Strategic Response Group is an intelligence-based consulting firm specializing in risk mitigation, threat solutions, and readiness training. We are comprised of private sector business leaders, attorneys, and veterans of Military Special Operations, Federal Law Enforcement and the US Intelligence Community with over 100 years of combined experience. Our tried and true security, intelligence and investigative techniques are derived from experiences in military operations, as well as corporate and private sector security across the globe. We provide every customer with an unmatched level of professionalism and attention to detail.

Recent Operations

Security Operations- [Puerto Rico]

Within 24 hours of Hurricane Maria's devastation of Puerto Rico and the surrounding islands, SRG conducted an emergency extraction of personnel on the island.  In the following weeks, we continued to support recovery efforts throughout Puerto Rico and St. Croix by providing executive protection and convoy security for cell tower and medical facility refueling operations.

Federal Courthouse Assessment-[Texas]

SRG was contracted to conduct a thorough physical security assessment of a Federal Courthouse building to determine the suitability and risk exposure for the court, its employees, and visitors.  

Intelligence & Reconnaissance- [Indonesia]

SRG intel and security teams conducted a comprehensive intelligence analysis and physical reconnaissance for a high net worth individual throughout the islands of Indonesia  and southern Thailand.  We ensured all aspects of our client's trip were thoroughly vetted and screened, and ensured the safety of all parties throughout the operation.

Security Advisor-[Confidential]

SRG acted as a strategic advisor for a municipality dealing with a high-profile and high-risk scenario involving various protests and hate group rallies.  Through social media monitoring, intel analysis, and personnel embedded into select groups, we identified multiple credible threats which were relayed to local officials.  We worked with local police to contain any threats to persons or property, resulting in zero significant injuries or incidents.

Active Shooter & Situational Awareness Training- [Louisiana]

SRG was hired to conduct active shooter and situational awareness training for various schools in the New Orleans area.  Training focused on the school's ability to communicate and act quickly and effectively in a crisis.  We utilized simple and actionable techniques and procedure developed from real-world events and years of experience.

Safety & Security Advisor- [California]

SRG acted as the senior risk advisor for the border wall construction between San Diego and Tijuana, Mexico, a federal project in excess of $150 Million.  We provided a comprehensive threat assessment to identify any and all possible threats official personnel could expect to face.  Additionally, SRG planned and executed a thorough and dynamic security plan throughout the duration of the operation.

Executive Profile

Robert Armbruster, Owner

 With more than 20 years of security, development and consulting experience, Robert provides SRG with a unique and notable skillset. After graduating from the U.S. Naval Academy in 1997, Robert served as a Marine Corps Officer, leading Marines in both garrison and deployed environments. Upon completion of his career in the Marine Corps, Robert started businesses in various fields ranging from real estate development to emergency response, providing him with extensive knowledge and experience in project management, real estate development, security integration and regulatory compliance. While deployed to Southern Iraq with 3rd Battalion, 23rd Marines, Robert led Marines on daily convoys throughout the area of operation. Additionally, he was charged with convoy security for 3rd Battalion’s 80 vehicle convoy during the initial invasion of Iraq as part of Task Force Tarawa. Since his time in the Marine Corps, he has owned and operated multiple construction and real estate related companies in the New Orleans area, constructing and renovating over 150 units. His scope of work includes residential, commercial and mixed use properties, specializing in historic renovation and adaptive re-use projects. Additionally, Robert has served as a security advisor to local government leaders providing a range of proficiencies from threat assessment and operational planning to investigative work and due diligence research. 


Ready Lab NOLA

 Our 12,000SF Simunition training facility, The Ready Lab, is designed to reflect and simulate real-world scenarios to provide realistic and valuable training to organizations of all sizes and functions. The Ready Lab allows individuals and organizations to develop tactical and team-building skills through a variety of training platforms. We offer cutting edge force-on-force Simunition scenarios that utilize real weapons retrofitted to fire specialized non-lethal rounds, allowing for the highest possible level of realism available in a training environment. Additionally, we offer group and 1 on 1 training and can custom tailor training to suit any need or requirement. Our facility utilizes modular walls and provides the ability to simulate virtually any environment. For example, we can recreate the first floor of a home to train families on proper response to an intruder, or simulate your company’s office to provide realistic and valuable active shooter training.