Actionable Intelligence and Security Solutions for a Safer Tomorrow

 Strategic Response Group is an intelligence-based firm providing risk mitigation, threat solutions, and readiness training. 

Core Competencies

Comprehensive Threat Assessments

 Strategic Response Group's comprehensive threat assessment keys in on all aspects of  security to determine an organization’s overall readiness level and capacity to deter, prevent, or otherwise minimize the impacts of possible threats. By evaluating an organization’s physical and operational security plan and implementation, we determine an overall readiness level and provide recommendations for improving security in all operational aspects.

Social Media Monitoring

 Our cloud-based platform makes sense of large tracts of multi-lingual data in near real-time and allows us to assign and chart social media sentiments in all 18 of the major world languages. We offer multi-lingual, geo-enabled, text-analytics, social media and web-monitoring specifically crafted and suited to the needs of each individual customer. Our clients receive carefully constructed products designed to increase situational awareness and reduce risk by identifying potential threats before they escalate. Our analysts are trained to identify signs of violent intentions, harassment, cyber-bullying, suicide ideation, and threats to persons or property.

Business Intelligence & Investigative Services


SRG’s trained and experienced investigators can handle any situation your organization deems necessary. We are able to conduct comprehensive investigations while maintaining 100% confidentiality and impartiality. Additionally, we are capable of researching and investigating personnel within your organization, or with whom your organization deals with. We can run comprehensive background checks, with social media analysis, of potential employees, vendors or guests to your organization.   We specialize in counter-espionage and intelligence gathering to safeguard confidential data and gather information.


  Our organization has NRA and Level III certified instructors with decades of experience in various fields to include combat operations, executive protection, and corporate security. We offer both individual and group training packages tailored to the needs of your organization. Training can be provided either on-site, or at our state of the art 12,000 square foot Simunition training facility. We offer situational awareness, online/social media security, active shooter training with table-top and live-action exercises available, and a variety of NRA and firearm familiarization courses with the capability to issue concealed handgun permits for the State of Louisiana.

Physical Security and Executive Protection

SRG's Security Force is composed of experienced combat veterans, police officers, and corporate security specialists trained and equipped to maintain order and keep your personnel, property, and organization safe and secure.   We have extensive experience in all forms of security and have assisted families and organizations with site/static security, executive protection, convoy/route security and event security.  We've conducted extraction missions of VIPs from unsafe environments, armed convoy security for fuel operations, executive protection and reconnaissance, and site security for high-profile/ high-risk events, protests, and  assemblies.   Our team is ready and able to protect your family, team, or organization from any number of threats in virtually any circumstance.


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